Beginner Tarot Workshop (August 20th)

Beginner Tarot Workshop (August 20th)


Beginners Tarot Workshop with WH Instructor Moriah Simmons

Tuesday August 20th

Want to learn how to read tarot cards in an intuitive, empowering way, without having to look up stuff in a book?

This class is for you!

Tarot is an amazing tool for self-inquiry and healing, and it can be accessible to everyone. The aim of this class is to meet you where you are, and help you find your footing so you can continue along your tarot journey with more confidence and knowledge.

Part of comfortable with tarot is getting comfortable with yourself. And part of it is memorizing the basic card meanings. This class is built to show you the structure of the tarot deck and simplify the memorization bit, while building your self-trust.

All levels of experience welcome. Suitable for total newbies who have never seen a deck, as well as people who know a little bit and want to develop their skills.

Topics we'll cover:
1. your cards, your self! getting to know your deck
2. tarot structure: major arcana, minor arcana, suits, numerology (and what all of that means)
3. keywords for every card (plus a handy reference sheet)
4. how to shuffle, lay out cards, use tarot spreads, and read cards
5. plus practice readings so you can get really comfortable with the cards

to read more about Moriah, click here


Your name will be added to our guest list upon purchase and all you need to bring is yourself. An email will go out prior to the event with directions + studio address.

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Welcome Home is a safe space for women, queer, trans, non-binary gender fluid and gender non-conforming folks.

Welcome Home is located on the second floor of our building and we do not have an elevator or lift for those with physical limitations.

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